Ask any Developer or IT Admin what the ideal DevOps environment is and they will probably tell you production. It makes perfect sense as they can test on the “real thing” and see the “real results” when applying changes. Obviously, the risk to your business is far to great to ever consider performing Test/DEV DevOps in PROD but what if……there existed a HyperConverged DevOps Test/DEV Data Platform that was a near real-time copy of Production where your could test on the real thing and see the real results but without any of the risks.

Lets up the ante a little. What if this same data platform also came with:

A built-in Analytic Workbench to help you automate, orchestrate and learn
Let’s you create Apps to extract the maximum potential from your DevOps environment
Is an Open platform that allows you to design and built your own custom solutions

That is Cohesity – A DevOps Utopia and a game changer. We are a hyper-converged secondary storage platform that allows your Developers and Admins to create on-demand, no penalty clones of your production for the purpose of DevOps Test/DEV.

In a previous life as a Storage Admin my responsibility every Monday was to refresh the multiple Test/DEV environments. This was a process that took over 14 hours to complete as I had to create by restoring from the weekend backups. I was also responsible for restoring these environments during the week if any data corruption occurred during the DevOps Test/DEV process. I can still see the pain on the faces of the DBA’s when I had to inform them it would take at least half a day to restore the data from the tape backups.

DevOps Test/DEV in the era of cloud computing has become a critical aspect of any organization and the demands for rapid application upgrades, troubleshooting and issue resolution but stress on the DevOps Status Quo.

Enter Cohesity. An infinite scale secondary storage platform that allows our clients to take DevOps Test/DEV to the next level. With full self service, on-demand functionality and no penalty clones of near real-time production data, Cohesity offers our clients DevOps like it has never been seen before

Let’s look at some before and after examples.

Refreshing the DevOps Environment

Before Cohesity – Restore from the weekend backup. A process that often takes hours to complete. As a result most Test/DEV environments are working with data that is out of date and refreshed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

After Cohesity – User creates an On-Demand copy of production. A process that takes less than a minute to complete regardless of the size of the environment or how many copies you are creating (ie. Instantly spin up 10 no-penalty clones of your production application and provision to 10 different DevOps environments)


Automating the Test/DEV process

Before Cohesity – Limited script based automation of Test/DEV if any automation capabilities exist at all.

After Cohesity – No longer do your Developers and Admins need to spend valuable cycles on low value tasks such as Test/DEV clone creation, versioning and refreshes. Automate the entire DevOps workflow (Clone Creation, rollback creation (versioning) and Tear Down) using the Cohesity Analytic Workbench


Learn from your Test/DEV data

Before Cohesity – Limited ability to learn from your DevOps environment outside of the specific toolsets used by each individual Developer and/or Admin

After Cohesity – Three ways to learn more with Cohesity

1. Cohesity is built on a MapReduce framework allowing the user to inject analytic queries to learn more.

2. Cohesity allows the user to create custom apps (aka: Smartphone Mobile Apps) to maximize the learning process.

3. Cohesity is an Open platform allowing the user to customize solutions to extract the maximum value of your Test/DEV data our platform.

The Status Quo is a dangerous strategy in the Era of Cloud Computing and this includes your DevOps Test/DEV environment. With Cohesity you have self-service, on-demand access of near real-time data.

The Cohesity Data Platform – It’s a DevOps Test/DEV Utopia!